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Download the suite of COMLIMENTARY documents to start you on your journey of intrigue and amazement as you piece together the puzzle of their lives. IT WILL BE THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU DO IN YOUR LIFE

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Links to a plethora of websites, books, articles, newspapers, military resources, national & state archives, family histories, county histories and other resources.

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Your volunteerism, donations of original artifacts, financial and time donations is greatly welcome if you have the desire to see more African American Museums, Archives, Exhibits and Physical Tributes.

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Congratulations! Scroll down to download and print your  HOLLA at ya ANCESTORS™  complimnetary Starter Kit is below to You about to take the leap back in time to discover your family’s legacy. SecretEverybody’s family has at least one BOMDIGGITY and it is likely you have many more. If you are lucky you will find the GOOD, BAD & the UGLY!!  You find the BAD & UGLY to be the most interesting stories. SPECIAL NOTE:  Let’s hope your familiy have all three (3)! The juicer the stories, the more your family and will be interested. Here are a couple of HOLLA Master Research Rules to live (or genealogicallly speaking) die by. 

  1.  Master RULE# 1: You are only has good as your source documentation. (2) verifiable sources are required to  document ANYTHING as a FACT. One can be family folklore. Anyone shuould be able to back to your citation and “directly”source (person, article, book, website down to volume, issue, page# and column. Use the CHICAGO MANUAL OF STYLE for formatting.
  2. Master RULE# 2: Laminating is a no-no on ORIGINAL or ONE-OF-KIND documents!
  3. Master RULE# 3: Start with the story of ‘YOUR” birth. Ask parents, aunts, uncles and/or neighbors. “What significant things happened around my birth?”  Subtract nine months and see if you can figure out what was happening during the time of your conception! Was it near Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Parent’s Birthday, Spring Break or Holidays, etc
  4. Master RULE# 4: Review old photo albums, greeting cards, funeral programs, articles, 8-tracks, VCR tapes, etc. Interview as many of your elders as quickly as you can!!!!
  5. Master RULE# 4: Use your cellphone to take images, record video/audio interveiws, instead of making paper copies or scans, as your directory & documentation source (take pictures on high resolution & save in your details on relative in your contacts to help you remember).
  6.  Master RULE# 5: Be patient, built trust with your Elders. They may embrace and support you right away but sometimes it can take years (even decades) to build trust.
  7. Master RULE# 6: Print the docs below and go “have the most fun, you can have with your clothes on!” Go HOLLA at ya ANCESTORS!!!!!


 HOLLA STARTER KIT  | (Click, download, print)

HOLLA Pedigree Chart

10 Starter Tips to HOLLA at ya ANCESTORS


HOLLA Oral Interview Questions

HOLLA Family Oral History Forms


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